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We are incredibly lucky to work with some of the most talented artists in the industry — for those of you wondering how your purchase gets split amongst our artists, we wanted to be incredibly transparent.

All artwork on The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop are commissioned directly from our artists. We work with them directly to be upfront on what they're signing up for, in a mutual agreement between us (as a company) and them as a freelance artist. We discuss with the artist the percentage per product taking things into account like length of time spent creating the art, if we are actually creating the product, and boring stuff like that.

Long story short: each percentage of EVERY purchase created by one of our artists, goes directly to that artist. No BS. We take very good care of our friends, and want to make sure that we celebrate their passion, and provide a very transparent way for them to get paid for their hard work.

Interested in Collaborating?

We'd love to work with you. Please e-mail your portfolio (or at least a few reference of your work) to Founders@HAUNTVAULT.com.