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Welcome to The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop. We have been working, really hard behind the scenes to curate, create, and develop the best products around to truly capture the spirit of 'the haunt', 'the season', as well as create some bad-ass HAUNTVAULT™ merch.

Why We Offer Pre-Orders

Proceeds from The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop directly support The Team, creating/curating new products for The Shop, funding new efforts, and costs to build, grow, and maintain a huge site like HAUNTVAULT™. If artwork is commissioned from a local artist, part of your purchase also benefits them directly (called Commission) — you can read more about our commitment to working with local artists/companies. From time to time, products sold on The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop are clearly marked as a "Pre-Order" until we meet minimum quantities to start mass production or fund the product creation.

The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop is not a large global commerce company. The Shop is owned, and operated, by the founders of HHNVAULT, now HAUNTVAULT™. Although we take a "no BS" approach to our Shop, strictly source the highest quality materials/companies/vendors, and partner with the most bad-ass award-winning artists and local companies around, some of our more products may require us to procure funding prior to fabrication, sometimes working directly with intellectual property (IP) holders, or we need to guarantee that the funds for the product are secured before placing a large order. More often than not, we shell out our own funds to generate stock for the shop, which is a risky game.

Simply put, since we are a small company, many vendors require minimum order quantities, and we may not have the storage space, to make + ship + deliver + package these products. This ain't Amazon Prime, sweetie.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

In true HAUNTVAULT™ fashion, we want to do what's best for our HAUNTVAULT Society Members and fans. Therefore when a product is marked as a "Pre-Order" you can expect the following:

  • All Pre-Ordered products are clearly marked on the product's page (and ironically link back to this page)
  • When you "Pre-Order" a product you are purchasing that product, and holding your spot in line.
  • All "Pre-Order" products are shipped in the order purchased (first recieved, first shipped).
  • Once purchased if any items in your order are marked as "Pre-Order", you will receive immediate confirmation via e-mail of the order.
  • "Pre-Order" Products will be held until the milestone is made, and the orders are placed (typically a couple of weeks).
  • We will always keep you aware of the procurement process while your order is on hold. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels to stay up to date.
  • You may request a refund for "Pre-Order" products, at any time, up until the order begins Production.
  • Once production begins, you will recieve a update e-mail that we're working through our Pre-Order list, and when you can expect it to ship.
  • When your order is shipped, you'll recieve a tracking number via e-mail... and we typically leave a few surprises in the box as a "Thank You" (shh, don't tell anyone we told you that).

If, at any time, you feel uneasy - or have questions regarding your Shop Order, or "Pre-Order" Products immediately contact HAUNTVAULT™ Support. We hope you enjoy your purchase, and thanks for visiting our shop.