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Caine Funeral Home Candle

HAUNTVAULT™ EXCLUSIVE FORMULA. Ships Fall 2020 – Bring home the haunts with this dearly departed candle, filled with something you seldom see... a living, breathing, autopsy. The subtle scent of the past beloved exudes with the scent of freshly dug graveyard dirt, light evening 'under the full moon' air musk, dead rose, and a hint of sage to keep the evil spirits away.

HAUNTVAULT™ Candles are all exclusive custom-made scents formulated by our team; All candles are made from food-grade American grown soy wax, phthalate free, and contain lead-free, double-cotton cored wicks for clean burning. 11 oz. burn time: 65+ hours; 8.5 oz burn time: 60+ hours

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